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Jo Feijó is a non binary theatre maker from Lisbon, Portugal. A Visual storyteller, Jo works from an interdisciplinary perspective across the fields of puppetry, dance and performance.

Their work is characterised by the exploration of the space between dream and waking life, using symbol and archetype to envelop audiences in a world of magic







Douane , Tás deSable, 2021

Tine Rising, Andrew Kim for Newcastle puppetry Festival, 2021

Charlie Comet, Elliot Prichard for Nottingham Puppetry Festival,2021

Happy Prince, Packpack Theatre, 2021

The Ballad of the Laidly Worm, Hazelsong Theatre,2021

Grotesque Bodies, Baubo Theatre, 2020

Associate artist, Thingumajig Theatre,2019/20

I am a man now!, Simona Yovcheva, 2019

Resident Improviser, Open Heart Theatre,2019

Dragon ,Chloe Flockart and William Steele, 2019

Flying Carpet Festival and Residency, Sahba Aminikia, 2019

Curious Beasts , Life and Limb Puppets, 2019

Christmas Carol , Life and Limb Puppets, 2019

Black Egg, Devised by the company, 2018

Ondine, Yojiro Ichikawa, 2018

The Audience Effect , Filomena Campus, 2018

Our Domestic Insurrection Circus, Bread and Puppet Theatre, 2017

The Gates of Unfinished Life, Bread an Puppet Theatre, 2017

Sea of Milk, Nyoman Sedana, 2017

Tiny Tales of Wayang, Sarah Bilby, 2017

Bursaries and Mentorships:

Moving Parts Newcastle Puppetry Festival Bursary Winner, 2019

Union: Northern School of Creativity and Activism, 2019


Tabletop puppets, Judith Hope 2020

Suitcase Theatre, Judith Hope 2020

Making Puppet shows, Chloe Flockart, 2019

Flying creatures Newcastle Puppetry festival, 2019

Paper Maché and giant structures Handmade Parade, 2019

BA World Performance East 15 Acting School ,2018

Bread and Puppet Apprenticeship 2017

Marionette and Rod puppetry Il Caragiale UNATC 2016