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There are women who bring the ocean in their eyes

Not because of the colour

But because of the vastness of the soul


There  are women who bring the ocean in their eyes

Because of the greatness and imensitude of the soul

For the infinite way the take things and men

There are women who are tides in nights of afternoons

And serenity

Creator and performer

Jo Feijó


Louisa-Mai Küster


Tobias Illingworth
Costume design prototypes

Jo Feijó 


Lydia Brickland

Am I a woman? A man? A victim or a hero? Inspired in the works of Carl Jung, To Women I never was, is an exploration of identity, gender and the subconscious. Developed as a personal mythology, and set inside the context of a dream, It aims to explore the source femininity within a society that constantly dictates its expression. Spoken in dream language, riddled with symbols and magic, To the women that I never was, is a coming of age story, a hero’s journey, a mad trip into the subconscious.

To Women I Never was received arts council funding was expected to RnD in July. Unfortunately, due to Covid-19 this will not be possible. Instead we have launched To The Women I Never Was Project. A project to help question who we are and how we draw the lines around identity through the exploration of the subconscious self. 

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